Grace & Restoration Fellowship - R.A.W./YOUTH MINISTRY
Grace & Restoration Fellowship - 2018 GOD'S BEST IS YET TO COME!
AGES 13-19
Grace & Restoration Fellowship R.A.W. Ministry

Mission Statement
R.A.W. (Royalty At Work) is a ministry dedicated to equipping this generation of youth to live victorious lives, through practical applications based on the word of God.  Our mission is to simply meet them where they are and give them tools to help navigate them through this world, while allowing the light of Christ to illuminate their paths.  Using the principles God provides in His word, we deal with real issues that our young people face today, so they may confidently approach life tomorrow.  It is our responsibility to invest time, energy  and wisdom in our young people.  Our aim is to provide a strong foundation for them to build upon, and to provide the support, guidance, love and nurturing they will need to flourish and excel.  The deposit we make in our youth today will be available for generations after them to withdraw from and grow forward with.

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